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Grateful For Our Healing Homes Village

This was Marcus at one year old.

His orphanage called us for help because he weighed just 3.6 kgs, or 8 pounds, at twelve months of age. At the time we met him, he was a fragile, underweight boy who had been diagnosed with Down Syndrome.

This is Marcus now, after six months in our Heartbridge Healing Home. We think his happy smile and chubby cheeks say it all!

This was Joanna just two months ago.

She had major abdominal surgery and, after a month in the hospital, came to live at Heartbridge.

This is Joanna now, just one month later!

We can’t forget the vital role our supporters have played in bringing Marcus, Joanna, and all the children at our healing homes to this point in their lives. So many people have come together for the benefit of these tiny strangers.

First, there was a caring orphanage director who asked for help.

Our China staff took calls and arranged for transportation and medical care.

Generous donors funded surgeries.

Our staff stepped in again to check on the children and keep LWB volunteers updated.

Reports were written and emailed by LWB volunteers.

Nannies gave their time and love to the children, more medical care was given, more emails were sent from China, more updates were written, more wonderful people stepped forward to donate towards Healing Home care.

It truly takes a village to raise these children up, and we are forever grateful to you for playing a part.

Read the latest update on Marcus, Joanna, and the whole Heartbridge crew here

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