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Greater Independence for Katie

Katie is a nine-year-old student who has a lower-limb disability in our Believe in Me orphanage school in Jinjiang.

Katie measured 1.15

When our teacher training team visited Katie’s school in June, they noticed that Katie’s teachers were struggling to move her from place to place to keep up with the busy class. Also, they noticed that the classroom chairs were much too small for her and made her uncomfortable.

Katie at table 1.15

Thanks to donations to our Special Projects Fund, we were able to purchase some adaptive equipment to help Katie gain more independence!

Katie now has a comfortable wheelchair to help caregivers move her from place to place…

Katie wheelchair 9.15

…a walker she can use for shorter distances (and more independence)…

Katie walker 9.15

…and an adjustable chair that will grow with her and keep her comfortable in the classroom!

Katie new chair 9.15

We’re very grateful to supporters who allow us to immediately say, “Yes!” when a child in our classroom is in need.  Katie will definitely benefit from her newfound independence!

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