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Grow Lenny Grow

This may not be the most beautiful or touching image you have ever seen, but it certainly warms the hearts of our nutrition team!

“Lenny” (whose name we have changed to protect his privacy) is a tiny little boy whom we visited in mid-July. He was just four months old and had recently arrived at his orphanage in Anhui. He was just the tiniest little guy! At four kilograms (8 pounds, 13 ounces) he was the size of many typical American newborns. Our foster care coordinator emailed on July 15th to let us know that they had a child who needed extra nutrition assistance, and we were able to send Lenny a case of upgraded formula right away.

In our most recent report, I could hardly recognize our little guy! He had gained two kilograms (4 pounds, six ounces), and now I can see some gently rounded cheeks. He looks so much better, and now he is actually on the charts at the third percentile line for a child his age. Lenny’s formula should last another month, and hopefully by then he will be healthy enough to go back to our regular Nestogen formula. Just a few months of extra formula and TLC were enough to turn things around for Lenny; thank you to all who support our General Nutrition Fund and made this possible!

Jan Champoux

Nutrition Director

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