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Growing Together: Noah and the Believe In Me Sokhem School

Eight-year-old Noah has been a student at our Believe In Me Sokhem school for almost two years.

We took this photo of Noah when we first met him. Although his smile was big and vibrant, his hair was blonde due to malnutrition.  Over 40% of children in Cambodia suffer chronic malnutrition so serious that stunting and health issues are quite common. Children’s naturally dark hair will often turn blonde due to lack of good nutrition in a condition called Kwashiorkor malnutrition.

Since beginning at our Believe In Me school, Noah has been enjoying the benefits of our daily hot lunch program. What a difference it has made!

Besides eating better, Noah is making wonderful progress in school. His teachers describe him as a punctual, honest, and kind boy and have noted great improvement in his language and social skills. In the past, Noah often played alone, but now he enjoys laughing and playing with his classmates. Noah’s teachers are so pleased with his progress!

Noah’s school day includes lessons in math, Khmer language, science, English, and practical life skills. 

Thanks to our new library and art center which was just completed, he also gets to enjoy free time looking at books as well as coloring and painting.

We are grateful to Noah’s sponsors and to everyone who supports a child at our Believe In Me School Sokhem. We love seeing him growing — right along with our school.

Would you like to be a part of this wonderful program to help provide a brighter future for impoverished children through our education and nutrition programs?  We invite you to check out our sponsorship opportunities!

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