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Growing Up To Do Great Things!

On my recent trip to China, I had the privilege of meeting the parents in my foster program. One of the foster mom’s stands out in my mind. Her sunny smile greeted us and she glowed with excitement as she introduced us to her little girls. Her small home was spotless and her girls were decked out in their cutest clothes. It was obvious that she adored them. The older child was two and we handed her some stickers. She began to plaster them all over her stuffed animal and her mom came over to gently tell her to share a few stickers with her baby sister. This met with some resistance, but the foster mom prevailed and big sister reluctantly gave a few stickers to her baby sister. I loved watching this family interact. Baby sister was very sick at birth but now is healthy and growing in the loving care of her new mom. Her big sister is learning some very wonderful character traits and I know that both of these children are going to grow up and do great things!

Karin Prunty

Shunyi Foster Care Coordinator

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