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Guess What’s Just Around the Corner? The 2016 Cleft Medical Exchange!

Like Chisholm, we are having trouble containing our excitement about our upcoming Cleft Medical Exchange!

Chisholm 2.16

This coming April, doctors, medical staff, and volunteers from the U.S. and the U.K. will travel to China to work with doctors and staff at Kaifeng Children’s Hospital to provide surgeries for children with cleft needs.

Mary Beth 2.16Mary Beth

All this month, we will be introducing you to some of the children who are scheduled for cleft lip and palate repair surgeries. Some faces will be familiar, some brand new!

Gary Feb 16Gary 

One-year-old Gary is ready for his cleft palate repair surgery. He had his bilateral cleft lip repaired through our Cleft Care Program but had been struggling with gaining weight. Thankfully, the addition of a special formula to his diet has made a tremendous difference for Gary. Now he is ready to move onto eating solid foods. Having his palate repaired will certainly make this transition much easier for Gary and offer him a better life and a brighter future.


Three-year-old Clyde from our foster care program in Qiandongnan needs a second stage cleft palate repair. He had his first-stage repair this fall and recovered beautifully!


Lily is ten months old and has already had her unilateral cleft lip repaired, but she needs additional surgery for a cleft in her gums. Lily’s family is hoping the surgery on her gum, as well as the lip revision surgery, will make her repair less noticeable. They are very thankful for the opportunity to have their daughter receive this surgery, which they are unable to afford.

Virginia 3.16Virginia

Another girl whose family needs help is one-year-old Virginia from Henan province. Virginia’s family is so appreciative for the opportunity to repair her unilateral cleft lip, which they are unable to afford.

Violet 2.16Violet

You can see all the children who are currently in need of sponsors to help fund their cleft surgeries on our Cleft Medical Exchange Sponsorship page.  We hope you will get to know them and join us in our excitement for these life-changing surgeries about to happen!

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