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Guiyang Foster Care

When I first got actively involved with charity work in China, I kept hearing about a wonderful foster care program in Guiyang, Guizhou which was supposedly one of the largest foster care programs in that country.   Over the years, we were contacted by many foster families there who hoped LWB could  provide medical care, such as heart surgeries, to the children they were caring for.   We were always happy to help.  As those children were adopted, I would often hear from their new parents about how loved their children were in foster care.

This past April, we finally met in person with the heads of this program, a married Chinese couple who have been fostering children since 1999. Back then, they recruited five other families to foster with them, and then they grew the program to over 140 families caring for orphaned children.  In all, they have helped foster 1,200 children, with 900 of those kids being adopted overseas.  The beautiful thing about this group is that they are open to every type of special need.  After visiting the homes and meeting with the families, I can put it quite simply:    I LOVE THIS FOSTER CARE PROGRAM.

I am so happy to report that LWB has now begun a formal partnership with this group in Guiyang to place some of the children from our healing homes program (who don’t have foster care in their home cities) into loving families.   Shanna, from Heartbridge, seen above with her foster mother, was one of the first children to be placed.  She has a shunt to control her hydrocephalus and is now thriving in her foster home there.

Little Brody, who overcame so many obstacles while he was at Heartbridge, has recently moved to Guiyang foster care as well.   He is charming everyone in his neighborhood, but he still likes to stay close to mama.

Breanne, who is currently living at our healing home in Fujian, will be moving shortly to our new program in Guiyang.   When we first learned of her as a newborn, she had a spinal tumor which had broken open.  Following her surgery, Breanne developed mild hydrocephalus and weakness in her legs.   Isn’t her smile just incredible?

In addition to Brody and Breanne, several more children from Guiyang are also in need of sponsorship:



All of us at LWB are such huge proponents of quality foster care. We are so excited to join with this group to help even more children be raised in a family setting. If you would like to sponsor a child into a loving home, you can visit our sponsorship page here.  All donors receive monthly photos and a report on their sponsored child, and you can know you are giving an orphaned child the priceless gift of being part of their very own family.

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

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