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Guizhou Foster Care: LWB’s Featured Program of the Week

LWB’s Foster Care Program in Guizhou is growing again, and we have some very special little ones to introduce to you. These children will require three sponsors each to support them in foster care, where they will receive the one-on-one attention they each need and deserve.

This precious seven-month-old girl needs a name!

Sponsorships are $35 per month, and sponsors receive monthly updates and photos of the child being sponsored. It is very rewarding to watch the children grow and progress each month, experiencing new things such as shopping at the market, playing at the park, or visiting with the neighbors. The first sponsor for each of these children will have the privilege of choosing an LWB name for them.

Wouldn’t you love to watch the pigtails on this cutie grow?

Each child deserves to know the love and support of a family, and together we can make it happen for these five wonderful children. Look for their photos on the Foster Care Sponsorship page at the link below.

We’re looking forward to seeing this four-month-old’s foster family coax some smiles out of her in the months to come!

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