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Haircuts at the Healing Home!

If you follow our Healing Home work, you know our nannies are wonderful at feeding, rocking, and playing with the children in our care.  There’s one job, however, where they call in reinforcements, and that’s when the kids need a good old-fashioned haircut.  Luckily, after running our Anhui Healing Home for the last ten years, our manager Paddy is a pro with the clippers. We thought these recent photos were too cute not to share.

First up was Lincoln, who is one of the older boys at the home so he is used to the haircut routine. He showed the little guys just how it’s done.

Lincoln looks pretty pleased with his stylish new cut!

Palmer greeted his haircut with his usual good humor and giggles. Does anyone else think he looks like a little burrito baby wrapped up in that haircutting cape?


How awesome does Palmer’s new hairstyle look now? He’s clearly pretty happy with it himself.

The final little boy up for the haircut chair (well, his nanny’s arms) was one-year-old Kasen, who just like Lincoln and Palmer was born with Down Syndrome. Kasen is a little shy, but after seeing his friends come out okay, he agreed to sit quietly while Paddy got the clippers ready.

Kasen didn’t have too much to cut, but Paddy wanted to make his hair a little tidier. Kasen did a great job of staying still.

Who is feeling handsome and ready for fall?

Kasen, that’s who!

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