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Handsome Hunan Boys In Need of A Little Help

We are excited to introduce you to the four handsome boys in LWB’s newest education program in Chenzhou, Hunan. LWB wants to help these four children attend a private special needs school as they are unable to attend the public school. Without a sponsor, these boys will not have the means to attend school of any kind. However, with your help we will be able to pay for them to go to this private school which fortunately costs no more than the public school.

Our first handsome young man is Charlie, an 11-year-old boy. He just has the best smile, doesn’t he!? We can’t wait to hear more about his personality as we begin to receive updates on his educational progress.

Then there’s thoughtful Danny, who is also 11 years old. He appears to have a very calm personality. Will his favorite subject is in school be reading, or math, or maybe art?

Another sweet boy, Michael, age 10, clearly loves to show off his abilities with chopsticks. Perhaps he will be a great writer, or chef, or maybe an artist.

Finally, we’d like to introduce a young man named Matt. He is also 10 years old and appears to be very happy. We look forward to following his educational journey and seeing where he excels in life.

We would welcome your sponsorship, which will allow you to follow our students’ progress. Sponsorships are only $20 a month, and each sponsor will receive quarterly updates with photos. We hope you will join us in watching these handsome young boys thrive and reach their potential!

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