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Hank: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Hank is an adorable seven-month-old baby who has a dazzling smile!  This little boy came to the Medical program when he was only days old.  He was in critical condition and, at three days old, was moved to the hospital.  Hank was born with a urologic defect called anal atresia and immediately received the first of a three-stage surgery.  Without this surgery, Hank would have died within days.  

Thankfully his surgery went very well and we were able to move him to our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit in Beijing after discharge from the hospital.

While at Heartbridge we have been able to watch this incredible child blossom!  He is a giggly, curious, cheerful baby who isn’t afraid to make his demands known—we are told he can be a little loud.

Hank is now ready for his second-stage surgery and has also developed a hernia that will be repaired at the same time.  Hank will return to Heartbridge after his surgery to recover and wait for the final stage of his surgery sometime in December.

We are still in need of $3345 to fully fund Hank’s 2nd-stage and hernia surgeries.  A donation in any amount can be made on LWB’s website and would be greatly appreciated to help this precious little boy on his way to being completely healed.

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