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Hannah’s Pennies

Hannah just celebrated her 8th birthday. Instead of getting presents, she asked her friends to bring pennies to her birthday party. Yes, pennies that she could donate to her orphanage in China through Love Without Boundaries. Some of her friends were very creative with this request. One friend, for example, made Hannah a nice birthday basket with ribbons filled with pennies.

Sixty-one rolls of pennies, two rolls of nickels, four rolls of dimes, and one roll of quarters later, Hannah had $93.00 to donate to Love Without Boundaries. Despite this success, Hannah was disappointed because her goal was to reach $100! Hannah’s mother told her that, in addition to her friends, it was now time for Hannah to give too. She ran up to her room, found her wallet, and counted out $7 of the money that she had been saving. “There, we have enough” she happily said! Her mother was so proud of her that she told Hannah that she’d donate too. So, mother and daughter split the $7 difference. The $100 donation came in to Love Without Boundaries in early June and is currently helping to educate the children of Jinjiang orphanage.

In addition to improving her math skills, Hannah has taught us all that even pennies can make a big difference!

Andrew Gurthet is the Associate Director of LWB’s Orphanage Assistance program. He and his wife have one daughter from Qianjiang.

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  • Susan Andersen Moore says:

    Thank you all at LWB for all that you do for these beautiful children. Hannah was so excited that you shared her story. She is determined to save more for the children in the next year. It makes us all feel good to be able to help in such a small way.