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Happiness is…..

Happy babies!  Heartbridge, our Pediatric Care Unit, has always been a place that makes me smile.  Run in conjunction with our friends, Dr. Joyce and Robin Hill of New Hope Foundation, each baby gets the individual medical care and attention they each need.  I am lucky enough to be able to read each report and see the beautiful pictures of each of the children.  This month’s reports and pictures are no different and just made me smile.  Look at these HAPPY faces!


Chun, who is getting club foot casting…..




Ni, who has a huge hemangioma on her neck…..



Xin, who has a complex heart defect…….



Mei, who has a cleft lip and heart defect……





 Cong, who has a complex heart defect…..



And Miao, who has Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome and is at the top of this page……


As I look at each of these very happy faces, it is so hard to see the medical issues that each of them has that caused us to move them for the extra care they receive……..I just see beautiful, happy, and soon to be healthy children.  Thank you to everyone who helps make our Heartbridge program possible.   It is saving lives every single day.


Karen Maunu

Medical Director



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