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Happy Anniversary!

Four years ago today, I typed up an application to begin a new charity with four of my friends and hand carried it to our state capitol to turn it in. I can remember standing in the Secretary of State‚Äôs office thinking how unreal it all seemed that we were going to form a foundation. Would anyone believe in what we were doing? Would orphanages accept our help? Could a foundation really be run by all volunteers? What has happened in the last four years is beyond any of our wildest dreams. We truly thought we would give it our all to help “a few children” each month, and now there are over 2000 children who receive services from LWB each year.

None of it would be possible without YOU. Each and every time we open an envelope with a check and an encouraging note, we give thanks that people are so committed to helping children they might not ever meet themselves in person. Whether it is for $5 or $5000….we look at every donation that comes into our office as a gift of love and support, and we do everything in our power to forward that love on to China.
It has been an absolutely amazing four years, growing from $28,000 in services to orphaned children that first year, to $350,000 to $700,000 to one million dollars last year of help for the kids. So many children received surgeries, high quality baby formula, the love of a foster family, and the gift of education….all because of YOU.

Our volunteer team has grown as well over the years. We now have over 80 people working each day to keep you up to date on the children and projects you sponsor. We all still work from our homes, and switch off who gets to answer the LWB phone line. We most definitely all still celebrate and cheer every time a child is healed or adopted. The number of children in our programs might have changed substantially, but the feeling we have for each one of them as individual and priceless people has not. We still believe that each and every child is a gift to this world.

Happy anniversary LWB…and thank you to everyone who has become part of our friendship team over the last four years. We couldn’t do it without you! We give thanks every single day for your support.

Off to break out the cookies and milk! I hope everyone who reads this today will celebrate with us as well. Here’s to FORTY more years of touching children’s lives.

Amy Eldridge

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