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Happy Autumn Moon Festival to All!

Today in China, families and children are celebrating the Autumn Moon Festival, also known as the Mid-Autumn Festival.

The festival is a time spent reuniting with family and loved ones, eating a nice meal and special treats, and sharing stories under the moon.  Gratitude is the spirit of this holiday.  The festival is very much like holidays found all around the world focused on giving thanks for the abundance of gifts nature brings, togetherness, and celebrating the changing of the season.

Perhaps the most anticipated treat is tea and a moon cake, commonly given as a gift during this festival!


Making savory dumplings for an indoor or outdoor evening feast is something special…

CNY2015 dumpling

As is lighting a colorful lantern.

Lantern Festival Riddles4

Children are told a fable of a great love marred by separation, but redeemed in reunion once a month, igniting the bright full moon each lunar cycle.

Children living in foster families enjoy taking part in preparation and celebrating along with their extended families.  They might even stay up a bit past their usual bed time – always exciting!

In most foster families and orphanages in which we have education programs, children take part the festival with craft-making and helping make yummy treats, and of course a moon cake of their own to eat.

Nichole moon cookies 9.15

We can’t wait to share the photos we will receive of the celebrations this year in our Education and Foster Care programs.  Happy Autumn Moon Festival to all of you!

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