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Happy Children’s Day!

June 1st is Children’s Day, and all across China activities are taking place to celebrate the importance of childhood. What a perfect day to reflect on our belief that Every Child Counts. All of us at LWB send our deepest thanks to you for impacting the lives of so many children across China during the last fourteen years.

Thanks to you, over 3,500 children have been moved from orphanage care into foster homes, allowing them to experience childhood with a caring family versus life in an institution.

Because of your kindness, over 3,700 children have been given a brighter future through education.

Thanks to your support, over 6,000 children have received extra nutritional support such as specialized formula for failure-to-thrive babies.

Because you stepped forward to help, over 10,000 children with medical needs were given care, and for many…this care was truly life-saving.

Thanks to your generous giving, over 45,000 coats and blankets were given to orphaned and impoverished children throughout the country, giving a warm hug from across the miles.

You help bring joy.

You continually give hope.

And you live out the belief that ALL children deserve love.

On this June 1st, as we celebrate Children’s Day, let’s take the time to remember just how many children around the world still need someone to believe in them.

THANK YOU for partnering with us to help the most vulnerable. We couldn’t do it without you.

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