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Happy Meals

Recently, an update was posted on our blog about LWB’s earthquake relief projects.  One of these projects was a ten-day summer camp run by HOMES International.  This camp was especially for the earthquake-affected children who had been relocated to Kunming.  These were children who lost everything in the earthquake.  Many were newly orphaned.   The camp was held August 23rd to September 1st and was a big success!  Therapists were on hand to help the kids deal with their grief by expressing these feelings through art and dance. 


For a special treat on the last day of camp, the camp leaders asked the kids what they would like to do; the vote was unanimous for their very first trip to “McDonald’s!”  The camp leaders took all 42 children on a field trip to McDonald’s, where they enjoyed themselves so much.  The kids were given star treatment and were even entertained by Ronald McDonald himself! 


We were told the children had a GREAT time!  They were so happy that they were singing on the bus : )  Isn’t it wonderful that these kids got a chance to forget their losses for a moment and just be kids?


A big thank you to everyone who supported this camp!  What a wonderful gift you’ve given these children–the gift of FUN!


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