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Happy New Year

Dear Aunt,

How are you? I am an orphan, but I am sill a lucky girl. There are many people caring about me and supporting me. I feel very happy. You support me from a remote place and donate your love to me. You are the most loving person in the world.
I have started to live in a new school, as other boarders do. I eat in the cafeteria three meals every day. Recently, my grades fluctuated. I kind of always feel that even though I tried my best, my grades were still not good. I feel really upset about it. But I will keep on telling myself that I surely will study hard and have full confidence in myself. I believe that confidence is the number one guarantee to success.

Your love is not only material support, but also spiritual support. I believe I will achieve excellent grades with your spiritual support. I have lots and lots of words beyond my capability to express. Your devotion to me can not be measured by anything. All I want to say to you in one word is I love you.

Happy New Year!

Posted by Linda Mitchell
Education Program Director

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