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Happy Teacher Appreciation Day!

 Today throughout China (September 10th), teachers will be honored by their students for their commitment to the education of their students.  Love Without Boundaries will also recognize the contributions of the many teachers that work with our students.  In addition to the afternoon off from school, our teachers will receive a small bonus.  Our China managers will go to school today and read this letter from our executive team to the teachers and children.


On this day celebrating teachers, we want to thank you for being such a valuable part of our school program. What an important job you have!  Your role in the upbringing of future generations is so essential, as you give your students the support and guidance they need to reach their highest potential.  You are preparing these children to be an important part of their society.

Thank you for sharing your wisdom and showing your acceptance and encouragement to these wonderful children.  These gifts are ones they will never forget.  All of us at Love Without Boundaries recognize the excellence you bring to your classroom, and we thank you for the remarkable job you do each and every day.

Always remember that your commitment to your students is priceless, your lessons are permanent, and that YOU are changing the world, one child at a time. 

We are so proud of the contributions of all of our teachers, and the children simply LOVE their teachers too!!


Missy Ridley

Education Director



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