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Happy Teeth

We can’t help it. When we saw Carter this month, the song “Happy” started playing in our heads. If only we were all this happy when we brushed our teeth, no one would ever be afraid of the dentist!


We have had another great quarter in the Safe Dental Care program, thanks to your support. Due to the donations we have received so far, we were able to begin this program in five of our Believe in Me schools – Changzhi, Jinjiang, Huainan, Lanzhou, Liupanshui, and Shaoguan.


The students are doing great and are learning valuable lessons that will keep their teeth healthy for the rest of their lives.

Every student has their own unique way that they like to brush their teeth. All ways are encouraged because we love it when children are allowed to be themselves!

dental9Some take their job quite seriously…

dental10While others do not!

dental11Some think their toothbrush makes a great accessory…

dentalCharlieWhile others prefer to do exactly as their teachers say!

Whatever the method, we are just happy that the children are learning how to brush their teeth, and are embracing these self-care lessons.


The proof that they are enjoying themselves is definitely found in the smiles that we get when we ask them to show us their beautiful teeth.

JosephdentalJoseph proudly showing off his clean teeth!

We’re so grateful to our sponsors to their help in enabling these sweet children to learn about safe dental care. They are on their way to a lifetime of smiles!


Sponsorships are just a dime a day, or $36 per year! If anyone else would like to help sponsor this important program, please visit our Lifetime of Smiles Safe Dental Program sponsorship page.

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