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Happy Year of the Sheep!

The fireworks have been going nonstop in China to celebrate the beginning of Spring Festival  (Chinese New Year 4713). In honor of the change from Horse Year to Sheep, some of the residents of our healing homes donned a pretty adorable lamb outfit, although their reactions were a wee bit mixed.

First up was Leo, who came into our hands with a complex heart defect. He underwent successful surgery in late 2014, and we are so happy that he is now healthy as can be. He thought the sheep body was pretty comfy, but wasn’t so sure about the hat.

Leo hat


Yep….that didn’t last long, but we thankfully got a few photos which his future family might appreciate someday, in the event he is chosen for adoption.


Next up was little Alan, who also came into our hands with a heart defect.  It took him a few moments to warm up to the sheep ears, but then he settled into “lambhood” quite well!

Alan 1

Baby Patrick was up next. Patrick has been with us since his first day on earth, as he was found with an emergency medical condition which required surgery the same day. He actually thought the sheep outfit was pretty hilarious and made the nannies laugh so much at his excitement.

Patrick “Am I adorable or what?”

Not to be outdone by the boys, Christi was a very good sport to put on the costume next. This baby girl came to our home after being born with her intestines on the outside of her body.  She has healed beautifully, and will actually be ready for foster care right after the new year.


Christi “Oh yeah, I am rocking this lamb costume!”

So who wore it best? We think it is an absolute tie! We give thanks every day that we are allowed to care for these beautiful babies. Legend has it that babies born in the Year of the Sheep are gentle natured and calm spirited. We will see if that holds true once we begin caring for the newest little lambs born this year.

Thank you for partnering with us to provide specialized care to children with medical needs. From all of us at LWB, may you be blessed with happiness, health, and lots of love this coming year!

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