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Happy Year of the Tiger from LWB!

Chinese New Year 2010 comes in with a roar — it’s the Year of the Tiger! We at LWB want to wish all of our friends and supporters “Xin nian kuai le!” — happy new year — and share a few photos of some of our precious children who are also celebrating the most important of Chinese holidays.

Chinese children are typically given a new outfit to help celebrate the new year and to symbolize new beginnings, and Ben and Jon from Huainan Foster Care are modeling their cozy new clothes in the above photo. Red is the color of celebration and happiness in China, and so many new year items are the color of red to symbolize the joy of a new year. We’re not so sure Ben and Jon look too joyful about having their photo taken in their new outfits, but we imagine they’re going to love the food that comes along with the celebration!

The babies at the Henan Cleft Healing Home also received new clothes and have lined up with their nannies to wish everyone “Xin nian kuai le”. Happy Year of the Tiger from all of us at LWB!

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