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Harley and James Prepare for Their Final Surgery

Twins Harley and James were born conjoined in October of 2015 in southern Guangdong Province. Harley and James’s parents were extremely young, and the cost of providing the specialized medical care their new babies required was completely out of their reach. They faced other obstacles as well, as hospitals in their region refused to take the case because of the family’s poverty. Unwilling to give up, the family traveled to Shanghai where they heard that other conjoined twins had been successfully separated. This is where LWB became a part of their story.

We pledged to the family that we would help them with as much of the surgery costs as we could raise.  We were humbled and overjoyed that as the surgery cost estimate grew, so did the donations coming in for the twins.  Their parents were overwhelmed with gratitude and awe that so many people around the world were supporting their boys’ medical care.

Many of you are familiar with what followed. Going into their first surgery in February of 2016, the doctors couldn’t be 100% certain how the separation surgery would go until they had the boys in the OR as they shared a vital organ and one pelvis.  Their first surgery was more than twelve hours long and included three teams of specialists. The boys thankfully came through this incredible first surgery with successful reconstruction and repairs.

Just after their first birthday, both boys were back in the hospital for their 2nd stage operation. Thankfully, this surgery went without complication for both boys. In December, the boys had their third planned surgery, and again they came through their operations smoothly.

This week, Harley, James, their parents, and grandmother arrived at Children’s Hospital of Fudan University once again for what we believe will be their final surgery related to their separation. We thought everyone would enjoy seeing how they have grown!

When they arrived at the hospital, LWB presented the family with a memory book featuring the beautiful photos taken during their initial separation surgery.

The parents said it is a gift they will always treasure.

None of this would have been possible without the kindness and compassion shown by our amazing LWB supporters. We are beyond grateful to you for changing the lives of these little boys forever.

Please follow our LWB Facebook page if you’d like to keep up with Harley, James, and their parents during this week of their final stage surgery.

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