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Have Bobble, will travel

Before my daughter and I went to China in March, my husband asked me to enter a contest a business colleague of his was having. One of my husband’s businesses is a marketing and consulting firm for lawyers. Mind you, it’s not your run of the mill marketing, but somewhat “outside the box”. One of the lawyer’s he works with had a “bobble-head” created in his image. You know, those statues with the head set on a spring that makes the head bob up and down? The lawyer’s name happens to be Bob, so he created Bob the Bobble Head. Well, Bob was running a contest with the prize going to the person who carried Bob the Bobble head the farthest from Virginia. When my husband asked me to pack Bob in our suitcases to take to China, I thought he was crazy!! First, I had very little room to begin with and secondly I think the whole idea of having a statue that looks like your attorney is a little nutty (and frankly part of me was afraid my husband would want to make one in his own image)!

But when it was agreed that the prize money could go to LWB, how could I resist? So we packed up Bob and off we went! I thought you might enjoy some pictures of Bob’s travels.


Bob on the plane
Bob on the Great Wall
Bob “off” the Great Wall!
Bob with our dinner we decided NOT to eat!

Feeding Bob the dinner we DID eat (oatmeal) many nights

Bob with Wren “What, you want him back?”

And Bob with our parting gift from the hotel in Hefei – we have no idea where they came from!

Naturally we won the prize (who else would carry the thing farther than China??)!! I just sent the winning check to LWB for $150; we’re going to use it sponsor one of the babies in the Cleft Healing Home for three months.

You see, there are a lot of creative ways to raise funds for the children! 🙂

Sandi Glass
Cleft Healing Home Coordinator

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