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Have You Seen my Mother?

Hi, my name is Niu, and I am going to be turning two years old this week!

I was born with a very sick heart, but, because of some nice people like you, I have had surgery and am feeling so much better.

I live at Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit in Beijing, where I spend my days playing on the floor with other kids and listening to the world around me. My legs are weak, but I’m working very hard to walk. I can now stand alone as long as I have something to hold on to. I will need one more heart surgery soon, but I was really hoping I could have my new mommy and daddy with me before I have to go to the hospital again.

Overall I feel pretty good, and I will make a very wonderful daughter. My file will be returned to the CCAA soon if my mommy and daddy don’t find me; so will you please help me look for them? Thank you so much.

For more information about Niu, please contact CCAI’s Waiting Child Program at 303-850-9998, extensions 25, 35, 38.

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