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Heading Home

In China, hospital stays are longer than in the US. Many of the babies we send for medical treatment will stay in the hospital for 2-3 weeks. During this time, the nurses often become very attached to the children in their care.

So many families adopt waiting children who have received surgery or medical care in China. I know many of these people wonder about that time in their child’s life and who was involved in their care.

Because of this, we thought you would enjoy seeing some snapshots of a child being discharged from the hospital before heading back to her orphanage. Each nurse on duty had to say her own special goodbye. After lots of hugs and even a few kisses, she is bundled up to head outside. After one more tearful goodbye, she and her caregiver finally board the bus to head home.

I loved these photos because they show that before our children become ours, there are so many people in China who play an essential role in their lives, people we may never meet in person, but who leave their own mark as part of a child’s life story.

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