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Healing Home Hair By Paddy

For the past 12 years, LWB’s Healing Home manager, Paddy, has given haircuts to the children in our care. He’s a firm believer that shaving babies’ hair makes it grow in thicker, and this week he took his clippers around to some of the children who needed a trim.

Baby Cami was up first. She already has some pretty thick hair, so we’ll see how hers grows in after this first cut!

Kasen’s hair just needed a little trim…

but it looks like Paddy gave him a real close clip — just right for the August heat!

Baby Leslie was up next, and she looks pretty unsure about Paddy’s credentials as a stylist…

Let’s just say that Leslie did not enjoy her first “salon” experience!

Mason, however, took it all in good-natured stride.

Always-smiling Palmer is one contented customer! We love his baby buzz cut.

Wendy Marie seems to be saying, “Hands off my hair, Mr. Clipperman.” (Don’t worry — Paddy didn’t use the clippers on her!)

Helpful Gage decided to get out the broom and sweep up after Paddy finished his haircuts.

With so many of us around the world unable to go out to hair salons during COVID, have any of you been brave enough for the “Paddy cut” at your own home?

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