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Healing Home Hero of the Week: Gentle Nico

This winter, we are going to be sharing the stories of some of the tiniest heroes of all — the babies in our healing homes.  Baby Nico is the very first hero in our series, and we hope that his story of spirit and strength will inspire you.

In September, an orphanage in Jiangxi province, China contacted us about a preemie in their care who was not thriving. At three months of age, he weighed just five pounds and was suffering from a chronic upset stomach. We welcomed him to our Anhui Healing Home where we hoped our nannies would be able to help him gain weight and begin to develop as he should.

Nico spent much of his first month at the healing home catching up on his sleep and building up his strength. Within his first few weeks of attentive care and drinking high-quality formula, Nico’s stomach issues had resolved, and he had already gained one pound.

Nico’s inner strength and grit were on full display!

A champion sleeper, Nico was the perfect model for our Santa hat. You might remember “sleeping Santa” from this iconic 2017 photo.

Nico’s inner spirit is strong, but his heart is gentle. Gentle Nico has become more responsive to his caregivers and began making great eye contact and “talking back” to the nannies.

By November, Nico had gained over 6 pounds. His nannies tell us that he is a delight and only cries when he is hungry or needs to be changed.

As 2017 became 2018, little Nico came down with pneumonia. We quickly took him to the hospital to make sure he received IV fluids and medication and the very best care.

Nico is still battling this illness. Please keep this little superhero in your thoughts and prayers for a quick recovery and return to his nannies and friends at the Anhui Healing Home.

Sometimes, the tiniest heroes of all are the ones who inspire us in the biggest way.

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