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Healing Home Hero of the Week: Terrific Tula

Ever since Tula arrived at our Heartbridge Healing Home, she’s been dazzling her caregivers with her boundless energy, bright smile, and sweet demeanor. Most babies are shy at first, but Tula has shown her bubbliness from the get-go.

Like most babies, Tula entered Heartbridge with some delayed development. Since her arrival, she has been making great progress with learning new things. She enjoys choosing her own toys and creating sound effects with them.

Recently, Tula is trying new foods and has even learned to sit herself up! With the help of her caregivers, she is able to learn new things quickly and has demonstrated a knack for sharing with others.

Tula is known around Heartbridge for having the biggest, goofiest smile. Her warm energy projects out and radiates warmth into any room.

Tula is a hero to us because of her natural sunniness that lights up those who come into contact with her.

We love you, Tula!

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