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Healing Homes Hero of the Week: Jimmy the Hugger

In April of last year, our Heartbridge Healing Home welcomed a new baby named Jimmy. 

Jimmy’s orphanage was concerned because he was having trouble feeding after it was discovered that he was born with a heart defect.  The Heartbridge nannies got to work feeding him nutritious formula and giving him specialized care.

In August, Jimmy gave us all a scare when he began having seizures. He was rushed to the hospital, placed on anti-seizure meds, and spent some time in the Pediatric ICU for treatment and observation.

While at the hospital, doctors determined that the hole in his heart that Jimmy had from birth had closed on its own!

Soon Jimmy returned to his silly, smiley, cuddly self.

Look at that crazy hair!

In December, we captured Jimmy enjoying a big chuckle with one of his Heartbridge buddies.

In January, Jimmy came down with pneumonia and had to go back to the hospital for treatment.

Fortunately, after lots of rest, nebulizing, and IV medications, Jimmy is once again back at Heartbridge.

The Heartbridge nannies call Jimmy “the hugger” because of his love for cuddles. To us, he is not just a hugger but a HERO for the cheerful and courageous way he faces the medical struggles in his life.

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