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Healing Transformations

On social media, Thursday is sometimes a day to reflect on transformations. Before and after. Then and now. This Thursday, we want to share some of the amazing changes that have taken place with children in our healing programs this year.

Callie_2015-03-22 (4) (1)

Tiny Callie, for instance, was found on a cold February morning weighing just over three pounds, and her orphanage immediately called us for help. She was admitted to the hospital where she received treatment and did very well. About three weeks later, Callie  arrived at our Anhui Healing Home. After nearly eight months of careful feedings and loving attention from our nannies, Callie has blossomed into a cheeky little monkey, full of smiles and fun.

Callie monkey 9.15

Little Landon was admitted to the hospital soon after he was born with Hirschprung’s Disease, a malformation of the colon. He spent nearly a month and a half there having and recovering from surgery, and we were very concerned about his weakened state.

Six months later, Landon has been in and out of the hospital a few more times for other issues.  However, now he appears to be stable and is busy getting baby teeth and chewing on his hand (and anything else he can find)!


Another preemie, Lilian, was just one day old and two and a half pounds when her orphanage called us for help.

Baby Lilian

When she reached five pounds, she discharged from the hospital and was ready for our Anhui Healing Home where she is known as the beloved “Little Princess“. Lilian is very interactive and enjoys her nannies’ attention!

Lilian 10.15

Baby Jason’s orphanage called us when they received a two-month old baby with a life-threatening intestinal obstruction. We were so pleased they called us for help, and we rushed him to the hospital for treatment.


About six weeks later, Jason entered our Anhui Healing Home. He has certainly recovered and is now a happy, strong, and affectionate boy of ten months old who has just begun to crawl!

Jason 7.15

One of our favorite transformations of all in 2015 is Cayden. Cayden’s orphanage contacted us when they received him and realized he had a large laryngeal cyst on his neck that made it extremely difficult for him to eat and swallow.


After surgery and a respiratory infection he just couldn’t shake, Cayden finally joined our Heartbridge Healing Home in March. He spent the spring and summer growing stronger and was full of smiles for his nannies. In July, Cayden graduated and was discharged back to his orphanage. We hope to hear one day soon that he has been chosen by a family for adoption!


When orphanages call us for help with a sick child, we are grateful for our Emergency Medical Fund that allows us to say, “Yes, we can take this child.”

We are grateful to those who donate towards the medical care of children in need.

And we are grateful for everyone who joins the “team” of these children as a monthly sponsor. These monthly sponsorships allow us to give these children consistent care which cannot always be provided in an institutional setting and nurture them in a loving healing home environment.

Thank you for making these amazing transformations possible!

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