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Healthy Eating: A Key Part of Foster Care

Alan in our Zhang Village foster care program doesn’t know it, but his yogurt is a great source of calcium and vitamins A and D, nutrients that will help his bones grow strong! All he knows is that it tastes delicious.

Alan eating 10.15

In addition to providing a loving environment for children in need of families, our foster families also provide quality nutrition. Good nutrition is often taken for granted but is crucial to any child’s development.

Babies and toddlers in foster care receive fortified cereal through our Foster Care nutrition program. When children go without necessary nutrients, the body lacks immunity and cannot repair itself. A child’s cognitive development also depends on good nutrition, and of course introducing solid foods in a safe way is critical to preventing oral aversion issues commonly seen in orphaned children.

Cindy cereal 7.15

We want to make sure that toddlers like Cindy from Changzhi foster care are receiving the best possible food for their growing bodies and minds!

Good nutrition really helps to start these kids’ lives out right. Please join us if you would like to help do everything possible to give these children a healthy start in life. Foster care nutrition sponsorships are just $20/month.

What a great investment in the future of these precious children!

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