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Heart Surgery Day

chandlerLove Without Boundaries of course began after we met one tiny baby in China who needed heart surgery, and for the last ten years we have continued helping children born with congenital heart disease.  We wanted to let you know that two of the babies from our Healing Homes program are having surgery on Wednesday in China.  We sure would appreciate every good thought for these two beautiful children.

Chandler came into our hands as a tiny infant, with a diagnosis of pulmonary atresia, ventricular septal defect, and patent ductus arteriosus.  That is a mouthful for one little baby girl, isn’t it?   She got stronger and stronger at the Anhui Healing Home.  We are so grateful to all of the wonderful people who stepped forward to fund her operation.  She was admitted to the hospital last week, but then her surgery was postponed when the head of cardiac surgery was called out of town.  We decided to wait until he returned, and now Chandler is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

DominicDominic came to us from an orphanage in Shanxi province and is currently a resident at our Starbridge Healing Home.  He is such a charmer!  All of the nannies think he is as handsome as a movie star, and we have heard that he already has the nurses at the heart hospital wrapped around his finger.  Dominic will also have surgery on Wednesday, for a TOF heart defect.  His surgery is made more complex by the fact that his pulmonary artery is almost closed.

We will not know until the surgeons have these wonderful kids on the operating table whether or not they will need one surgery or a staged set of surgeries.  Thank you to everyone who donated to give them this chance at a healthy life.  It is so amazing what we can accomplish when we all join together to help.




Dominic using his charm on the nurses


Chandler hosp





Chandler in the hospital


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