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Heart Surgery for Baby George

Baby George, just four months old, needs immediate heart surgery.

Since his birth in December, George has already been through five hospitalizations for colds and pneumonia. His parents brought him to a hospital in Anhui this week hoping to find a solution for their precious son. Doctors examined their son and have determined that the large hole in his heart requires immediate surgery.

George lives with his parents and elderly grandparents in a small and shabby two-room house. Because the grandparents suffer from chronic illnesses, they are unable to help care for George, and his parents must stay close to home rather than going to a bigger city to search for work. George’s father works odd jobs to try to keep the family fed.

George’s parents have borrowed from everyone they know and spent their meager savings on medications and hospital stays. However, this time they do not have the funds to pay up front for the surgery, which of course is required in China.

George’s mother writes, “I plead help and support from you so that my son can live a life like other normal children. We’re very thankful for your help.”

Through our Unity Initiative, LWB has promised to stand alongside the family and assist in paying for George’s life-saving surgery. Would you like to join us in helping this sweet boy and his family? Your donation in any amount will be truly appreciated.

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