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Love Without Boundaries has the good fortune of having volunteers with a wide range of talents. One of our most talented writers is undoubtedly Jan Champoux, Director of our Heartbridge Healing Home in Beijing. Each month, Jan’s reports make us feel as if we have just spent time playing with the beautiful children who call Heartbridge their home. She knows them so well and brings their personalities to life for the sponsors who receive these reports! We thought all of our readers might enjoy reading an excerpt from Jan’s lovely reports to get better acquainted with some of Heartbridge’s newer residents:

I just love this recent photo of Lian; she looks so alert and healthy! And honestly, doesn’t she look like she’s in the middle of a gossipy chat over a cup of coffee? You may remember that this tiny little pixie joined us in mid-March, following surgery for anal atresia, and then the removal of much of her damaged colon. We have been worried about Lian’s absorption of nutrients with a “short gut,” but she managed to breeze through her first full month at Heartbridge. She actually put on 1.3 pounds during the month of April! Way to go Lian!

Apologies go out to Ray, who I introduced as Raya last month. As it turns out, there was a small typo in Ray’s initial paperwork and he is a boy. Wouldn’t you know a boy would have tons of gorgeous hair, while poor little Heidi is totally bald.  Following heart surgery, Ray spends much of his time sleeping, but when he is awake he follows his nanny with his eyes.  He is only fussy when he needs something, and as you can see he has a very sweet little smile. Ray’s oxygen levels are a bit low at 75 percent, so the medical staff will be keeping a close eye on him.

Heidi may not have Ray’s lovely locks, but she definitely has the beautiful face needed to pull the look off. Also recovering from major heart surgery and at nearly three months old, Heidi sleeps most of the time, waking to enjoy small but frequent feedings of PreNan formula. We are told that Heidi is alert (when she is awake), and that she has a hearty cry when she wants to make her desires known. With recent oxygen levels of 94 percent, she obviously has a healthy set of lungs. We are very pleased to see how well both of these little ones are settling in!

At the moment, we have 15 beds filled and are waiting for a few cases of chicken pox to clear before taking in any new residents.

In the past few months we have received requests for the Heartbridge records of Delyth, Darcy, Melanie and Anthony…all past residents who have been adopted. It is such a joy to be able to share a child’s history, and also to hear how they are doing now that they are home. So often these new parents express their deep appreciation for the unknown sponsors who helped their child along the road to a family…their family…and who helped to provide a warm bed, a full tummy, and one-on-one care that just wouldn’t be possible in an orphanage. What an incredible gift our sponsors have given!

If you are interested in helping to provide that one-on-one care and TLC to any of these children, please visit the Healing Homes sponsor page. Monthly sponsorships are $50 per month, and shared sponsorships are also available for $25 per month. All sponsors will receive monthly photos and detailed reports from the Heartbridge team.  We hope you have enjoyed getting to know just a few of our Heartbridge honeys!

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  • Michelle Rutta Wahe says:

    Hello! This is Anthony’s mom! Thanks so much for forwarding the medical records. They have been very helpful for our medical team here. We are very fortunate that you have kept such good records, that we can pass along our child’s history to our medical team. Thanks again for all you do! We are forever grateful.