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Heartfelt Thanks from Corey’s Mother

>Last November, a very sick newborn baby boy was found at an Anhui orphanage (“A Baby Alone”). He was born with anal atresia and required immediate surgery to survive. The orphanage called us, and thanks to our generous donors, LWB was able to provide him with this surgery. We gave him the name of Corey, which means “God’s peace.”

During his initial surgery, his birthmother was found and came forward (you can read more about her difficult circumstances on the blog, “An Update on Baby Corey.”) It was with great joy that mother and baby were reunited.

Corey’s mom would like to send her deepest thanks to the people who made Corey’s healing possible.  After the doctor told her that her son will soon have a normal life after this third surgery, she could not help but cry.  She said, “Whenever I see a healthy child of other parents, I pray in my heart for good health for my child as well.  It has been terrible to see my child (in pain).  His cries tear open my heart.  Now his suffering will soon be over.  Thank you to the donors who made this possible.  Thanks to all who have kept me and my son in their thoughts.”

Unity Fund, this mother and son were able to remain together and are facing their future side by side. We want to echo the thanks from Corey’s mother and look forward to seeing how he grows!

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