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Hearts Healed in Kolkata: Devon, Jeremiah, and Joyce

For ten long months, the seven Ugandan heart children have been waiting for their chance to have their hearts healed. This week, the healing began.

First up was cheerful Devon. She was born with Down syndrome and AVSD, the most common heart condition seen with this special need.

Devon’s heart repair took place on Wednesday and was a success! She was moved to the ICU.

In Indian hospitals, parents are not allowed to be with their children in the ICU. Devon’s mom was able to see her twice in the ICU through a window. Although Devon was semi-conscious the first time, the second time, Devon recognized her mom and called, “Mommy!” We’re sure that did her mom’s heart a world of good to hear those precious words.

On Thursday, Jeremiah was next on the cardiac surgeons’ schedule.

Jeremiah has been busy making friends in the hospital.  He already has a favorite nurse named Viji. Even in full PPE, Jeremiah can always tell Viji from the other nurses! Before his surgery, he had everyone laughing with how taken he is with her.

Soon it was time for Jeremiah to go for surgery, and his devoted mama cuddled him before he was wheeled to the operating room.

We’re very happy to report that Jeremiah’s heart repair was successful! He has already been weaned from the ventilator and continues to recover in the ICU.

On Friday, it was Baby Joyce’s turn.

Joyce and her mom had lots of time to play and snuggle before she was taken back to surgery.

The nurses at Narayana Health hospital in Kolkata have been so wonderful with the children. Just look at how enthralled Joyce is with what her nurse is saying to her as she prepares to go to the operating room.

Joyce’s heart repair was quite complex, and surgery took 9 long hours. Her mom was so courageous and faithful during the long wait.

Wonderful news — Joyce is already off the ventilator and taking some food!

Joyce’s buddy Lianah is the next child scheduled for heart repair next week.

In the meantime, we would love to ask for your prayers and support for these three children precious children as they continue their recovery.

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