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Heath’s Desire to Learn

Last month, one of our Cambodia team members met a young boy named Heath. Heath is eleven years old and has severe cerebral palsy. He always wondered what was inside books and wanted to learn to read so badly. However, Heath has never been able to attend school due to his special needs.

The very first thing we arranged for Heath was new crutches to help him with mobility, but then we began talking with his family about how it could become possible for this bright little boy to finally go to school. They live in a very remote location, and Heath’s father is a migrant worker who is away from home much of the time.

We knew Heath would need a loving and supporting environment in which to begin his education since he was so far behind his peers, so his father hoped that Heath could attend our new Believe in Me  Rangsei school. Arrangements were made for Heath to stay with a local family living right by the school, and now Heath is attending school for the very first time in his life!

Heath absolutely LOVES school and is often seen with a huge smile. Each night, he stays up late so he can practice both Khmer and English words, and he repeats the alphabet again and again. His foster mom says he has a great attitude and is so respectful to the other family members, and he always wants to get to school on time.

We’re thrilled to report that the other students have readily accepted Heath and enjoy including him in their groups. He has already made lots of friends!

In just the short time he’s been with us, Heath’s foster mom has been working with him on exercising and speaking. When he first came to us, our managers had to carry him to the schoolhouse each day.  Now, thanks to his foster mom’s encouragement, Heath is using his crutches to walk to school.

Heath’s desire to learn and his determination to overcome his physical limitations to achieve his goals is inspiring to us and to everyone around him!

Would you like to be a part of his story? He needs several sponsors to help support his education. We want to nurture his passion for learning and help him see how far he can go. With continued encouragement and support, Heath has a completely new future ahead.

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