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Help for Conjoined Twins From Guizhou

At the end of last October, a very young mom from Guizhou went into labor. Later that evening, her life changed forever when she gave birth to twin baby boys. Very quickly, doctors discovered that the tiny boys had been born conjoined, an extremely rare condition which occurs when a fertilized egg only partially splits into identical twins. In the case of her sons, the babies remained joined together at the abdominal/bladder area.

Conjoined twins James Harley 1.16

The father of the twins, just 20 years old, begged for and borrowed money from all of his family and friends in their rural farming village to pay for his children’s expenses. Soon, however, the twins’ bill grew so high that they were discharged from the maternity hospital. The young parents, too afraid to return to their village, then traveled to Shanghai with their boys after hearing that surgeons at Fudan University had successfully separated other conjoined twins.

The parents want so badly for their little boys to have a chance at surgery and a future. Yesterday, they reached out to LWB’s Unity Initiative to see if we could help with their babies’ medical costs.

This family is from the far western part of Guizhou province, an ethnic minority area of the Yi people. Many superstitions exist in this region about babies born with birth defects, and yet this young couple refuses to give up on their little boys.

As you can see from the photos, their mom has done a beautiful job feeding the babies and keeping them healthy since birth. At the moment, only a lack of funding stands in the way of these boys  having a chance at surgery.

Conjoined twins James Harley2 1.16

The full cost of the twins’ surgery and hospitalization is estimated to be 400,000 rmb (approximately $65,000).  We realize that it’s unlikely that we can commit to covering the full amount of their medical expenses.

Our hope, however, is that we can help ease some of the parents’ desperation by raising at least a quarter of the full amount needed. We have set a goal to raise $17,000 to put towards the twins’ medical costs and have given them the western names of James and Harley.

We invite everyone with a heart for keeping families united to join with us in helping these hopeful young parents and their beautiful twin boys. You can donate towards James and Harley’s medical expenses here.

Thank you in advance for your kindness!

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