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Help for Heartbridge

Heartbridge really needs your help! The Healing Homes team has been working hard to bring this essential program up to full sponsorship and meet our monthly budget. With a little help from the LWB General Fund and several fundraisers, we thought we might squeak through 2010 without any shortfall. And then…the virus hit.

Almost every child at Heartbridge became ill with a high fever, cough and chest congestion. Three of our babies ended up in the hospital with pneumonia. You may remember this photograph of Marshal (above), a premature baby who entered Heartbridge in late October. Being a preemie with very delicate lungs, he was the first to fall. Then came Nathan (seen below), and newcomer Julia (seen in the top photograph) who had just arrived after having heart surgery.

We are so grateful that the children all survived and that these three have returned to Heartbridge and are making good progress. Unfortunately, the entire Beijing area was hit so hard by this virus that the local charitable fund that normally covers our children’s medical care ran completely dry. We now have over $17,000 in unanticipated medical bills to pay for Marshal and Julia. In addition, checkups, echocardiograms…anything we had done at the hospital is no longer covered for the next several months. We need some serious help!

Donations can be made directly through the LWB website for Marshal or for Julia. General donations for exams, medication and tests can be made at the general Heartbridge donation page.

It is so important that we keep this vital program funded, so that children from the poorer rural orphanages have a place to heal after surgery. If you can give any amount, no matter how small, it would truly be a blessing!

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