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Help For Royal and His Family

When Royal was born, his young parents noticed quickly that he struggled to eat properly. They sought medical care for their precious son, and doctors discovered that he has esophageal atresia. The esophagus is the tube that carries food from the mouth to the stomach. In Royal’s case, there is a hole between the top and bottom of his esophagus, meaning that they aren’t connected.


Royal’s mom is just 20 years old and their family is very poor. Understandably, this news was devastating. Their local hospital was unable to handle the surgery for his condition and sent the family to a larger hospital. Royal’s mom and dad were able to borrow enough money from friends and family to handle the initial payment to the larger hospital, but then they learned that his treatment costs would cost a minimum of 3-5 years of their family’s income — an unthinkable amount for this impoverished family.


Royal’s parents were extremely frightened about the situation, especially when many people they knew told them to give up or abandon the little boy.  Thankfully, one of the doctors at the hospital suggested that they contact LWB’s Unity Initiative for assistance. We were so happy to let them know that we would love to help pay for their son’s medical treatment.

We brought Royal a case of special formula, and his mother told us that he has been digesting it very well. This formula, Alfare, is quite expensive, and thanks to sponsors of our Special Formula Fund, we are able to provide it to this family. Royal is very tiny but also very alert and curious! We are so happy to see him in the arms of his mother and grandmother who are relieved to know that Royal’s medical and nutritional needs will be taken care of.


Donations in any amount can be made on Royal’s sponsorship page and will help this family have hope for the future!

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