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Help For Their Hearts

LWB’s Medical Program has many beautiful children with heart disease waiting for their chance at surgery right now. We wanted to profile three of the kids today, with the hope that their remaining funds needed can be raised for their treatment.  Please share with anyone you know who might want to give these precious children a true second chance.

Shelby came to our attention after an adoptive mom visited her orphanage and was told by the nannies that she wasn’t doing well due to her severe heart disease. LWB sent Shelby to Shanghai in May, where she was diagnosed with mitral insufficiency in medium and severe degree. She is currently being treated with medication to support her heart function, and she will be reevaluated in six months.

Shelby still needs $600 for her medical care. We have heard her adoption file is available, but that she has not yet been chosen. If she does not find a permanent family, we will then arrange for a valve surgery to be done.

Baby Herakles was discovered in a rural orphanage by our foster care director on her most recent trip to China. This little boy was abandoned at one month of age, and we know his birthparents tried to help him as he already had a surgery for a different medical need. Did they leave him once they learned he had heart disease as well? There is no way for us to know, but we do know definitively that this tiny baby has a very large VSD requiring surgery as soon as possible. Herakles needs an additional $1,200 to be scheduled for his operation.

Branson is a baby that our CEO Amy Eldridge met on her recent trip as well. Just hours before she arrived at his orphanage Branson had been found, left with a small handwritten note from his birthparents saying he was very sick. It was obvious that he had been very loved and well cared for before he was left. Our guess is that his parents discovered that he has a complex heart defect, and they were unable to provide him with the surgery he needs. Branson was moved immediately to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home, but he turns blue and stops breathing at times.  The cardiac surgeon in Hefei says he needs his first stage heart surgery as soon as possible to survive.  His diagnosis is quite complicated:  TGA, complete endocardial cushion defect, PA, VSD, and ASD.

It is always so sad to think about the decisions that birthparents in China make when they are unable to provide medical care to their children. Branson lost his parents because of his heart defect. Our hope is that we can at least give him the gift of life now. Branson still needs a large amount for his surgery to take place:  $8,700.

Our hope is that all three of these beautiful children with heart disease can get the medical care they need. As Helen Keller said, “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.” Let’s all feel with our hearts that these children need someone to believe in them. Helping someone in need is one of the most amazing things we can do as humans – so please pass this on.

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