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Help Needed for Lorelai

Four-year-old Lorelai lives in the rural countryside of central China.

She lives with her father, who is raising his two young children as a single dad. Lorelai’s mother sadly left the family when the hardships of living in extreme poverty became too much for her to bear. Now Lorelai and her family are facing yet another heavy challenge.

When Lorelai was a baby she frequently became sick, and soon it was discovered that she had been born with a large hole in her heart. Regretfully, since her impoverished father was unable to come up with the funds for her medical costs, surgery was never provided. Recently, however, doctors told her dad that she needs to have heart surgery as quickly as possible in order to survive.

Hearing this somber news was yet another blow to this already struggling family.

Lorelai’s father has now applied for help through LWB’s Unity Initiative, which provides life-saving medical care to families in need. Her story has touched us all since this little girl has already lost her mom. We want to stand with Lorelai’s father to make sure she gets the surgery she urgently needs, and your donation in any amount would be such a blessing to this family.

Could you play a part in helping Lorelai find healing? We need an additional $2,000 to move her to the hospital for surgery.

Visit her donation page today and make a very real difference in this sweet child’s life. THANK YOU!

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