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Help Us Heal Gage’s Heart

In January, baby Gage was born in Anhui province and soon found himself at an orphanage. The orphanage staff cared for him as best they could, but Gage was frequently ill with chest infections and had to be hospitalized.

The orphanage reached out to us to see if we could help them determine the cause of his illnesses and labored breathing. We arranged for Gage to be seen at a hospital, and doctors diagnosed him with a heart defect that was likely responsible for his poor health.

Gage is now three months old, and doctors feel he should have heart surgery as soon as possible. Fortunately, next week a team of heart surgeons will be coming to Anhui for our inaugural Hefei Cardiac Exchange, the first in what we hope will be a series of medical exchanges to promote good relations and further expertise. Heart surgeons from Florida will be working side by side with doctors from Hefei Cardiac Hospital.

Our vision for the Hefei Cardiac Initiative is to hold three annual exchanges like the one happening this week, giving us the opportunity to serve more children in their home province. It is our privilege to be working with our partners Little Hearts Medical and the Hefei Cardiac Hospital on this exciting initiative!

Gage will arrive at the Hefei Cardiac Hospital next week to meet the doctors and prepare for surgery. We are currently working to raise funds for precious Gage’s operation (and hopefully surgery for several other little patients as well). Will you be a part of our Hefei Cardiac Exchange and help us heal his heart?

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