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Help Us Make the Fujian Healing Home a Reality

Available Soon: A beautiful, airy 8-9 bedroom, 6 bath villa in lovely Fujian Province with a spacious garden. Perfect for a host of babies and their loving nannies!

One of the main purposes of our recent trip to China was to finalize the details for our fourth healing home – this one located in the Fujian Province. This new home will be a combination of our cleft healing home and our Heartbridge healing unit models – with one floor dedicated entirely to vulnerable babies with cleft and one floor dedicated to children with other medical needs, such as preemies, those born with heart disease, etc. The need for these homes continues to increase, as almost every orphanage we spoke with on this trip told us that 98% of the children now being abandoned have medical needs. As we stood in the orphanage infant/baby rooms on this trip, we clearly saw this reality. Every crib is filled with babies with medical issues, ranging from heart defects to spina bifada to cleft lip and palate. In the past it was already a daunting task for an aunty to care for 10 to 15 “healthy” newborns at once. Now their jobs are even more difficult as they attempt to care for the same number of babies, but ones with often serious medical needs. It can be overwhelming.

We are so very excited to announce that we met with the highest provincial leaders for Civil Affairs in Fujian, and they agree that our Fujian Healing Home project will help change many lives. We have identified an absolutely perfect site for this new home. It is a three story, 450 square meter villa located in Fuzhou. There are eight to nine bedrooms, with two large living areas for the babies to play. The home is bright and cheerful, with lots of windows and a garden so the babies can go outside. The owner of the villa has agreed to lease it to us for the next five years at a substantially reduced rent. The local hospital and doctors are behind this project as well. They want to help train our aunties on the proper care of children with medical needs, and then we can use this new home as a training center for orphanages throughout the province as well.

Even more importantly, the most beautiful part of this whole new project is this: The Fujian Province officials believe fully that every orphaned child deserves a permanent home, and their goal is to INCREASE adoptions from this province. We all hope that with this new home we can see a 20% increase in adoptions the very first year as more children are fully healed. We met with the head of provincial adoptions, and he agreed that the finding ad and adoption paperwork will be started on every baby as soon as a child enters the home. Currently there are 57 orphanages in Fujian, with only 25 making their children available for adoption. Our goal is to be a provincial healing center that ALL orphanages can call for help with their most fragile babies. We can provide the medical care they need, knowing that every baby we take in will then become eligible for adoption at the youngest age possible. It will be a partnership that will impact children in the most beautiful way possible – helping each of them find healing and then a permanent family to love them.

We know we are in a recession. We know almost every charity is seeing the effects of decreased donations. But as we stood in baby room after baby room on this most recent trip to China, we kept thinking that we HAVE to move forward with this life-saving project. All of our work in the past has led us to a point where we have this opportunity to take in children who need a second chance, get them healthy, and then get them into loving, permanent homes as quickly as possible. It is what this foundation is all about. But we need financial support and backing to make it happen. If you believe as we do that every child’s life is important, we invite you to join with us to make this provincial home a reality. We need $20,000 more to make it a reality, and then ongoing supporters to keep it running for years to come. We are asking our Facebook friends to help us raise at least $10,000 toward this goal. No donation is too small, and you can know FULLY that you will be helping to build a center that will change the lives of orphaned children in the most wonderful way: through hope, healing, and adoption. We really can make this center a reality – if we work together to make this dream come true. Please search your heart for what you can give today to orphaned children in need. Can you give $10 today for bedding, or $75 for a crib? Can you give $250 for a nebulizer, or $1,000 for an incubator?

We want to thank you in advance for believing as we do that we cannot let these babies down. We know they need us…..we have seen it with our own eyes…..and we know we can work together to change their futures forever. To donate, visit our Fujian Healing Home Fund page on the LWB website.

With the most grateful of hearts,

Amy Eldridge
Executive Director, LWB

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  • Britta Nasahl says:

    Hello Amy,
    you are all doing a fantastic job. It is good to see people care about each other. The houme look so nice and I think for the children you take very good care of.
    How are Shihu and HaiBo doing ? I know them from Dongguan. I miss them and hope i can see them some day again.
    My warmest greetings Britta