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Helping Children Orphaned in the Earthquake

Through our China Medical Director, LWB learned of a doctor who has been working tirelessly to help children orphaned in the May earthquake in Sichuan. Dr. Chen has spent the past six months traveling through the earthquake affected area in order to identify newly orphaned children who need medical care. The children all have special needs, including heart disease, club foot, and cleft lip and palate.

 We have a special opportunity to partner with Dr. Chen and Western China Hospital to provide medical care for these children. We are especially excited at the opportunity to work with Western China Hospital because it is one of the top Chinese hospitals. We have heard that their cleft surgeries are the best in China ! In addition, Western China has committed to giving our children top priority.


We currently have two of the children listed on our Medical sponsorship page.  The first is an adorable four-year-old little girl named Xiang. The second child is a precious, three-year-old girl named Qing. Xiang and Qing both need surgery to repair their heart conditions.

Soon we will have information on our website about two more children who were orphaned in the earthquake. Baby boys Chun and Hua will have surgeries to repair their cleft lips at Western China Hospital.


Dr. Chen told us that many children who lost their parents in the earthquake have been adopted by local families. But sadly, other children were not adopted because of their medical needs. We hope that by providing corrective surgeries, we can give these children the very best future possible and a chance at finding new families.

Dr. Chen has identified many more children who need medical care. Our hope is to help as many of the children as we can. If you would like to contribute towards this project, please contact us at medical@lwbmail.com or make your donation at https://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/donate.cfm. Be sure to specify “Earthquake Medical Care.”


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