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Helping Families Stay United: Love Starts Here

Tom is only a few months old and has undoubtedly had a rough start – but this little guy is a fighter!


At just ten days old, Tom ‘s family rushed him to the hospital because he was ill, and he had surgery for appendicitis. Then, the surgery site became infected, causing parts of his colon and small intestine to become damaged.  Another surgery removed the damaged areas and gave him a temporary colostomy so he could heal.  Little Tom been in the ICU since the surgery, which means that his family can’t visit him.

When LWB’s medical manager LiPing visited Tom in the hospital, he met Tom’s mother, grandfather and aunt who were all waiting anxiously outside the ICU.  LiPing was able to enter the ICU to visit Tom, and he took photos and video on his cell phone to share with the family.  They were thrilled to get this connection to Tom since they have not seen him since December 1 — over two weeks.  Can you imagine how hard that separation must be on baby Tom…and on his family?


His parents and grandparents work as farmers and construction workers and are financially exhausted. Tom’s medical expenses have already exceeded two years of income, and another month of treatment at Children’s Hospital of Fudan is an entire year of income for the family. This family is doing everything they can, and any help you can give Tom is greatly appreciated! (Click here to donate to Tom’s expenses).

UFTom2 12.14Tom

Tom is now on the mend and making great progress.  He may be discharged from the ICU next week!  We’re sure that his family cannot wait to hold him in their arms again.

LWB’s Unity Initiative provides support to rural and impoverished families who are unable to pay for surgery and medical care for their children.  Most Chinese hospitals require payment up front before they begin treatment. If a family is too poor to afford the medical costs, in desperation they may abandon their child in the hope that they may get the medical care that they cannot pay for any other way. (For more on this, please read our blog, “How Far Would You Go?“)

Our Unity Initiative got its name from our belief that helping a family remain united and together in spite of whatever medical difficulties their child is facing is always ideal.  This past week, our Unity Initiative has accepted several additional new children for care, and we’d love to share just one more story with you as we truly believe that our Unity Initiative is a beautiful example of LOVE in action.


Kathy is a four year old with a hole in her heart. Her parents are farmers working a poor-quality plot of land to support Kathy and her younger brother.  The hospital is offering a very reasonable price on the surgery, which when combined with the Unity Initiative’s help gets Kathy closer to a healthy heart!

We are so thrilled when a family in need learns about our Unity Initiative and comes to us for help. If you feel moved by their stories and would like to help these families remain together, please consider making a donation in any amount towards our Unity Initiative to help Tom, Kathy, or any of the other families waiting for assistance!

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