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Helping Healing Homes with Gracie

Seven year old Gracie had a rough year. She was diagnosed with lupus and became very sick. In order to treat her lupus, she had to receive chemotherapy. Knowing she was going to lose her hair, she chose to donate her hair to Locks of Love before it fell out. This prompted her friends to start a Facebook page for her called Hats for Gracie. Gracie received many, many hats and notes of love and support that lifted her spirits. Gracie is doing well now and wants to do her part to give back to others.

Gracie has a little brother and sister who were adopted from China. She knows firsthand how poor nutrition can affect a child in care, and she wants to do her best to help provide nourishment to the children still waiting. For Lent, Gracie would like to help raise money for LWB’s Healing Homes Nutrition Fund. LWB’s three Healing Homes help orphaned children with serious medical issues needing specialized care. These children are extremely vulnerable, due to being born with medical needs that often cannot be met in an institutional setting. LWB’s healing homes are staffed with specially trained nannies who devote their time to the careful nurturing children like Delyth.

Born with a serious heart condition, Delyth needed to have surgery, but she was too thin and weak. At Heartbridge Healing Home with love and proper nutrition, she grew stronger and had surgery. She struggled after her surgery but was soon on the road to healing. Nearly two years later, Delyth is a vibrant, active three year old and will soon be united with her forever family!

Gracie hopes her family and friends will join her cause. She has even given up $50 of the money she was saving for a laptop to donate to LWB.  So far, this little girl has raised a big amount of $1,688.74!

Donate online: Please select the Healing Home Fund and indicate that your donation is for “Healing Home Nutrition, in honor of Gracie Ellsbury.”If you would like to help Gracie in raising money for LWB’s nutrition program, you can donate in the following ways:

  • Donate by mail: Please annotate “In honor of Gracie Ellsbury” on your check and mail to:
    P.O. Box 25016
    Oklahoma City, OK 73125
  • Donate by phone: (405) 216-5837

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