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Helping Impoverished Rural Families with Cleft Needs

Many rural, farming families seeking medical care for their cleft-affected children must travel long distances over difficult terrain.  The nearest hospital may be located many hours or even a day’s journey from their homes in the countryside, and most families travel by long-distance bus or trains to get their child medical help. Not only is travel difficult, but they must also arrange for time away from their fields and farms, or herds, or ask for time away from their jobs.

Kenna presurgery 5.16

Medical care in China must typically be paid for up front, and it can be difficult for families to learn that they don’t have adequate funds for the surgery their child needs after they have made such a long journey. To help with this problem, we have set up the Unity Initiative Cleft Needs Fund to help have funding available so that the children of these families can receive surgery immediately without having to wait for us to raise the funds.

Dulce 3 4.13.16

Recently we were able to partner with a wonderful hospital in Yunnan Province to help provide cleft surgeries for impoverished families.

In order to say ‘yes’ to families as they arrive at the hospital, it will be vital for us to continually maintain a balance in the Unity Initiative Cleft Needs Fund. We have already been able to help children like the ones seen here!

If you would like to partner with us in helping impoverished rural families with cleft needs, please consider making a donation to our Unity Initiative Cleft Needs Fund. We truly hope that with your help, we will be able to assist even more families and their cherished children get the medical help they need.

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