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Helping the next generation

LWB has a foster care program in the Henan province, and the foster moms and dads are so loving and kind to the kids. This is the same program where the foster moms have a good natured competition going to see whose child has the chubbiest cheeks.

One of the little boys in our program, Jian, just wasn’t getting as strong as we would like to see, and so the decision was made to move him to an in patient physical therapy program for two months to see if we could get him stronger. However, we needed to find someone to care for him who lived near the PT center. We were praying for someone very kind hearted, and we certainly were given just that. The staff at the PT center told us about a wonderful family who lived close by who would be willing to care for two children who needed intensive therapy. Then they explained that the foster mom had a 25 year old son who was born with cerebral palsy, and she had devoted her life to helping him do everything possible. He now lives on his own quite well, and she wanted to help more children have that same exact chance. So for the next two months, she will be Jian’s PT momma, and she will take him to his treatment sessions and encourage him to reach for the stars as well.

Every child in the world deserves to have at least one person in their life who believes in them. We love knowing that little Jian has a kind hearted woman who believes he really can become stronger. There are people all around the world who never get their names in the news or who never even get properly thanked, but who are quietly making a difference. We are so grateful to this wonderful woman for helping Jian know how special he really is. We can’t wait to see the progress he makes under her loving care.

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